A sissys progress in becoming a Transvestite/Janegirl. Will Elinor progress in coming out the closet as a hetrosexual crossdresser?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sissy School

I have joined Sissy School and hoping to learn more in embracing my feminine side and hope that it leads to me coming out. En-femme!

I have been very lax in placing my femininity first helping my alter ego Elinor to come out and have fun should be my ambition before I die or get too old to enjoy my femininity. Seeking advice and help perhaps will help Elinor come out into the world. Sadly I'm not making much progress in becoming more feminine and stepping out the closet. Elinor deserves her life too, but my male half is frightened.
Females have more courage to be themselves.
Still Elinor is fighting to make more of my femininity I may yet evolve into a proper transvestite and come out of being a secret crossdresser alone at home.
Its a pity real schools don't exist for males to evolve into females if only at weekends. I just so wish for my feminine side to have a more fuller feminine life too.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Crep De Chine pleated black skirt.

This is a lovely skirt
for a sissy to wear.
Its very feminine and a joy to wear, it would be perfect for work.

Daring to push the door open

are a joy to wear.

Pretty skirts flowery suits are what a sissy needs in her wardrobe to make her a Janegirl with class.
I have in fact wore this suit outdoors at night.
Oh it was scary but fabulous a real joy to experience.
True Janegirls should experience going enfemme at least once or twice in life!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is me wearing my maid's outfit.

Pink is the colour for a sissy

Is this not simply devine girls? I love wearing this pretty pink skirt.

One of my new PINK skirts.

This is photos of my three new pink skirts.

The photos should have been full lenght but I'll try again.

I'll post the next skirt later girls.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I have bought three new pink skirts

I needed some new skirts and desired to have pink skirts, so I bought three pretty pink skirts because I'm a Janegirl or if you prefer a sissy. As a tranny {Janegirl} I can't own enough skirts just like any other girl!

I'll place some photos later.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Can my feminine side find the courage to come out?

I have never had the courage unlike this sissy to go out while wearing a dress in daylight.
Many Janegirls [crossdressers] go out at night to clubs. Progress would be for me to pick up the courage to come out the closet and fully enjoy being a sissy or as I prefer Janegirl.

Sissies desire to wear Scarlett's dresses.

Many crossdressers would love to be Scarlett.
Real Janegirls would love to wear her dresses.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Accepting ones feminine side

With confidence a Janegirl will accept that being a sissy is a wonderful way to live.
The desire to crossdress will never go away so the best thing to do is simply embrace and enjoy ones femininity.
Soon a Janegirl will have his own wardrobe of sissy clothes.

Practising being girlie

Some boys are lucky to have someone to teach and encourage their secret desires to be a Janegirl. Crossdressing is a lifestyle worth enjoying.

Its a fact that a great many boys wear girls clothes in secret and enjoy the experience.
Once a boy enjoys wearing a frock there is no going back.
Its NOT that they choose crossdressing crossdressing chooses them. Its a gift from God a blessing really and makes life worth living.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Five Inch High Heels its fun being a sissy.

Here I am wearing one of my petticoats.
With my five inch high heels.
Its such fun being a sissy.

I'm cleaning the house today in my slip and skirt.
Enjoying the feeling.